Mumbai Marathon 2018 finishers will receive two medals this time

Here is something interesting. For the first time ever, every 2018 Tata Mumbai Marathon finisher (full marathon only) will receive a two piece finisher medal. One for the finisher, and one specially crafted for the person who inspired the runner to run.

That person might be your local running coach, someone in your family who motivated you all the way, your friend from your running group who you look forward to, or maybe even a star name in the India or international running fraternity.

Mumbai Marathon team released the two medals yesterday amidst much fanfare with with the slogan ‘Soch Liya To Mumkin Hai. ..Nikal Pado To Mumkin Hai. …’. Nice 🙂

So tell us, who is your running inspiration, and who would you give this “inspiration” medal to, in the comments section below.


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